Link Formpro with Mailpro!

Formpro Mailpro and it is the same company that manages

Mailpro with more than 28,000 users at the time. Writing these few lines is logical. Formpro requested by our users wishing to manage their online forms while being related to themselves Mailpro.

You can link your account to your Formpro / Mailpro or on behalf of another client without any problem. Once linked accounts, you can link an address book and dynamic fields to your forms.

For example, when registering for an event, have a centralized contact database, but always available and exportable.

If you already have an account Mailpro, you can activate the free version of Formpro (or a paid course :-). It works identically opposite to users wishing to use Formpro / Mailpro.

Link to Mailpro