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Formpro is an online application that allows you to generate forms and surveys easily. Indeed, our application includes a simple creation tool with click and drop. So just click on the item that interests you, a text field for example and drag to the place that suits you to create a form. Fompro automatically binds with our application for sending newsletter Mailpro. So you can send a newsletter to your customers. For event registration or to invite them to complete an online survey.

Formpro is easy to use do not hesitate, create a form to test free!

Easily create responsive Forms and Surveys online with Formpro application

Create an online form
create and manage your forms easily

With Formpro, no need to be a programmer to create a form. Simply click and drag the items onto your form to customize each. Then you can define a style, color and put your picture.

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Create forms online with Formpro

Create an online survey
easily create and manage your surveys

Also create online surveys with Formpro! A simple tool to create a poll without programming knowledge.

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Create online surveys with Formpro

Choose your theme or design your own
become a real designer

It will be easy to integrate a form or survey in your site with many possible layout and themes.

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Choose your theme or design one in Formpro

Useful statistics
see statistical data on your forms and polls

With Formpro you can analyze the results in a simplified manner through our analysis tool for forms and surveys.

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Formpro provide useful statistics

Export your data
several options to move your data

There are three types of export formats for the moment, CSV, EXCEL and XML.

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Export your form data easily in Formpro

Accept Paypal payments
collect payments easily

With Formpro, you can easily collect credit card payments via Paypal.

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Collect payments through Paypal with Formpro

Autoresponder feature
setup automatic answering

You can easily create autoresponders with Formpro.

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Create automatic replies in Formpro

Link with Mailpro
send your forms by email

By linking to Mailpro you can send easily your forms and surveys by email and collect data results.

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Link your Formpro account with Mailpro emailing software

Conversion tracking
include conversion tracking feature

You can easily count the number of completed forms from your visitors.

More about conversion tracking!
Check conversion of your forms and surveys

Create responsive Forms and Surveys with Formpro

Easy to use with lots of features for you